Tragus Cartilage Daith Helix Inner Outer Conch Thick Hoop Ring Ear Piercing -14K Solid Yellow Gold

SKU: 14KP00009

14K Solid Gold Open Tragus Cartilage Snug Daith Helix Inner Outer Conch Round Large Big Tiny Small Thin Mini Face Nose Septum Hoop Ring Ear Piercing For Women Girls Men

They also feature comfortable and easy-to-use, keeping your ear and face protected from allergic materials


  • You Will Receive A Single Piece ( Not A Pair)
  • Material 14K Solid Real Gold 14K Solid Real Rose-gold
  • Hoop Thickness Size (Guage) : 1.9mm
  • Pin size : 20g (0.9mm)
  • Inner Diameter : 8,10,11,16mm
  • Color : 14K Yellow Gold, 14K Rosegold 
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