3D Shape Natural Essence Pulp Mask 23g / Korean Cosmetics / Snail (mask pack 30ea)

SKU: 98MA-00298

Made In Korea
?Made with 3D skin technology for maximum skin absorption.100% Natural Botanical, Herbal, Fruit & Wood Extract Ingredients 23g of Real 100 % Natural Essence Extracts
?Foodaholic Natural Essence Mask keeps the moist hydrating sense based on silky touch and excellent contact of "3D shape natural pulp maks".
?The special thing about Foodaholic mask sheets is that they are 3D! Usually most sheet masks are flat sheet masks, they won't be able to cover up your full face area if you have a wider face.
?This is what happen to one of my friend.This mask sheet is round with curves so it can fit your chin, nose and forehead.

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