Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

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Acne trouble treatment
Cleaning of pores
Use to clean up the excess oil
Asorption force mud and coal
100 g

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Sarah h.
h my goodness. This product is legit and good, and I do not understand how this has bad reviews! Competition maybe? Ok, probably the difference lies on skin-type so I do not really know. But let me tell you, I have a really sensitive skin especially on the face. I have benn diagnosed with skin allergy / eczema, which makes it difficult for me to just jump in to any product! But hey, this time, the risk was worth it and let me tell you why. First, I took a risk by purchasing this because it's a recommendation of a friend who also has sensitive skin. She said it didn't irritate her face at all and purchased it because Bunny, a Youtube celebrity, uses it. I thought it was really a risk considering that the packaging is in full Korean. So I had to rely on her instructions and the internet to learn how to properly apply it. Here's how I did mine: 1. Cleanse face using daily cleanser. I use a hydrating cleanser. 2. Perform WEEKLY exfoliation. 3. Mask, preferably once a week. I was advised by my dermatologist to use masks once a week considering my skin type. This mask: - Scoop a small amount using the provided scooper. Approximately, I used 1 tsp to completely cover my neck. And then 2 tsp for my full face. - Apply quickly! It carbonates so fast that, if you start on your neck, by the time you get to your face the neck-part starts forming into bubbles already. 4. Wait and let it sit and do its thing for 5 minutes, then wipe with a warm wash cloth. 5. Rinse excess mask with warm water, gently scrubbing in circular motion until the mask is gone. 6. Perform usual skincare routine, ie., moisturizer. I am a dude, ok. But wow, oh wow. My skin felt like a baby's skin after I rinsed my face!
catherine m.
Ohhhh we had fun with this product and it also did a great job!!it kinda tickles so don't put to much around the nose area lol anyways I love this product it made my skin feel so soft an refreshed
Alllick c.
I LOVE it! I got it today and used it about 15 minutes after it was delivered:) it was super fun and my husband even wanted to try it! My face feels so smooth and with my giant pores and excess sebum I was totally impressed. I'll be buying this often!
Ellen K.
Love the product ! Would have given 5 stars but there are no directions in English. Still, it is an awesome product.
Langford J.
Amazing product and delivered everything it stated. Will definitely order again.
Cris A.
Fun product to use, calms skin down and makes it super soft.
Mira L.
Very cool product. Completely different sensation than any other mask I have used. Makes your skin so soft and fresh looking. Wish the instructions were in English though.
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