gel nail polish L2 starter kit (LED curing light. 6 different soft-gel nail colors, plus base-coat, top-coat, remover and cleanser) Korean Beauty Product

SKU: 98MK-00565

6 different soft-gel nail polish colors (Silver, Gold, Nude Gray, Peach Pink, Turquoise, Burgundy)
LED GEL curing light, 6 blendable colors, Top-coat gel, Base-coat gel, larger bottles of cleanser and remover (100ml/3.38oz each)
?Mix included colors to create custom shades and blended color palettes
Long lasting (2-3 weeks), No scratches, easy removal and faster soaking-off with remover. No shrinkage or tight feeling after applying.
Patented polish materials minimize impact on nails. No tight feeling with dried polish

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