Girl Sheet Mask All in One Extra Skin Care Combo Gift Set - Includes 8 Moisturizing, Brightening, Firming and Repairing Sheet Masks

SKU: 98MA-00153

LIMITED EDITION SET FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Get all 8 Hey! Pinkgo Girl Sheet Mask products to experience our unique formulas.
4 ULTRA THIN MASKS Comfortable and made for maximum absorbance! The set includes a marine moisturizing sheet mask, a collagen-boosting firming mask, a smoothing hydration black rose mask and a papain brightening and clarifying mask.
4 LIFTING LACE MASKS Cotton lace lifts the tissue while treating the complexion to luxurious ingredients. The set includes an antioxidant-rich white tea mask, an astringent clarifying mask, a firming white yogurt mask and a brightening arbutin mask.
PARABEN-FREE, ALCOHOL-FREE, NO ANIMAL TESTING & ABSOLUTE FINEST INGREDIENTS Hey! Pinkgo Girl Sheet Mask products are made from only premium ingredients and are fully saturated in serum to ensure effectiveness. Our SGS certification guarantees quality and safety.
HIGHLY PENETRATIVE Using liquid crystal emulsification technology, our masks deliver more active ingredients deep into the skin tissue where they are most needed for the absolute best results.

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