Korean Snail BB Cream Whitening And Moisturizing /Sunscreen Cream 40G

SKU: 98MK-00239

Benefit:Moisturizer,Hydrating,Sun Block,Long-lasting,Firm,Sensitive,Whitening,Freckle Removing,Pores,Brighten,Concealer
The snail amazing skin recovery function of the secret has been recognized, is snail mucus. This product contains 10.5 mg snail concentrate (concentration 21%) This product is snail cream and the perfect combination of BB cream, with BB cream block d
Often use color nature, laminating, comfortable. Significant compact bright white, reduce wrinkles, skin repair, promote skin cell regeneration, smooth skin, replenish water, effectively block UVA UVB five efficacy at a suit, solve the skin so the qu
The snail has self protection performance of the active components of extraction secretion, nourish the skin, keep skin healthy.
Improving wrinkles, whitening snail BB cream ~ not only covering power is very good at the same time, repair skin effect very, very good ~! Color belongs to compare the whitening ivory color, moist degree is very good and not greasy. Whitening anti-w

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