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SKIN TREATMENT Skin-friendly Skin Lipids and Amino Acid Complex Peptides strengthen the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) of the skin by restoring its natural balance
PERFECT 12-HOUR COVERAGE Engineered with micro-multi roll-grinding technology to create super fine particles that work with skin-smoothing botanical ingredients for lightweight, long-lasting coverage for up to 12 hours
GENTLE FORMULA Hypoallergenic, noncomodogenic, and free of parabens, mineral oil, GMOs, Triclosan, Benzophenone, and alcohols, it also contains an organic Natural Healing Complex certified by ECO-Cert
MOISTURIZING Contains a skin-regenerating peptide complex, skin-soothing Gingko Leaf Water rich in antioxidants, and a 50-kind botanical complex for intense moisture and nutrition
Size: 45g

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Jollie K.
This is really satisfied me .
Momy I.
I love this stuff! I used to use the original formulation until I found this. The signature BB cream is much silkier and less likely to flake when I rub it in too much when applying. It lasts all day & provides excellent coverage. I don't have a lot of blemishes but I think it could be used alone pretty effectively. I wear it every day even when I go running/biking and it stays on pretty well.
A M.
This is lighter than MAC NC15. It is also just a bit lighter than NARS Siberia. If you are a match to these, or darker, you are not pale enough for #13, so steer clear! The Signature BB Cream runs just a tad lighter and more yellow toned than the Perfect Cover BB cream so if you are pink toned, you may have better luck with the Perfect Cover in 13. PROS: -Moisturizing -Fair enough for pale skin -lightweight -easily applied -doesn't smell -little goes a long way CONS: -may be too moisturizing for people with very oily skin -runny consistency Signature BB can be a little oily for already oily skinned people, however my friends with oily skin seem to have great luck towards oil control by letting the BB absorb into the skin a bit, then applying a good setting powder. Don't put this on and immediately don your powder, give it time to set a bit on it's own. The same goes for drier skinned gals. The watery consistency can make dispensing this a bit messy if you aren't careful, but the application isn't difficult at all. It spreads and blends very easily on skin and it's very easy to build up to a higher coverage.
Ben K.
Pretty good. I ordered this in "light milk beige". My skin is pretty light but not stark white. I have yellow undertones from my Italian side and pink ruddiness from my Irish side of the family. I was instantly pleased when I first squirted out a small amount onto the back of my hand as I could see that it was indeed a pale enough shade for me. Most drug stores in the U.S. don't make shades pale enough for me and those that come close are either too pink or too orange. I was a little nervous after looking closely and seeing that the "light milk beige" shade did have a little bit of a pink tint to it. But once I applied it to my face and blended it in, the slight pinkness was not as noticeable as I had feared. This cream creates a very slightly dewy finish but not overly oily looking. After several hours of wear, my nose was still not oily looking. There was a slightly increase in dewiness on parts of my cheeks but definitely not as greasy looking as other by creams and tinted moisturizers have left me. Not bad indeed. My face felt soft. Pretty decent lasting power although you may have to reapply once halfway through the day. All in all, one of my favorites so far.
Jennifer R.
I've found my new favorite BB cream. I haven't been let down by any Missha products I've tried yet, and when trying to figure out which BB cream would be best for my ultra fair skin, the Missha Signature line kept coming up. I ordered it in number 13, which is their lightest. It matched perfectly. The formula is a little thicker than most BB creams I've tried, so it really does give a nice coverage with only a tiny bit of product. It spreads well with a brush and didn't require any touch ups for the 12 hours I wore it. I also have very sensitive skin, and I didn't react at all. No breakouts or dry spots. I did put on some moisturizer first, but that's a usual part of my skin care. There is a slightly floral note in tge makeup, more heady than sweet, but it dissipates quickly. Will be buying again.
Ashley F.
I love this bb cream! The coverage is amazing! The match to my fair skin is amazing! Being a natural red head and extremely fair, finding the perfect tone is a nightmare! It covers the redness of my lupus butterfly face mask with only layer! ONE!!!!!!!! B4 I had to use 5 and looked so cakey! It doesn't go into my pores or my wrinkle I have staring! And a little bit goes a long way! I just love this!!! It is just a tad bit oily but a little translucent powder fixes that. I will definitely be ordering this every single time I need it! I ordered a second one and it was definitely!!!!!!! A knock off!!! It smelled so bad that it gave me and instant migraine and it was so oily! No way that was going on my face! I am returning it! My advice is if you are looking for the true honest to God Product go to the Missha USA website and order directly from the company!
Kacy V.
My favorite bb cream! Great for very fair skin tones, plus it provides good coverage and SPF.
Victoria M.
I like it. It looks natural on my face. One downside is that it doesn't last long. You need to reapply it.
Nancy R.
I've been trying to find a BB cream light enough for my skin without oxidising yellow for literally months and this is a miracle product for me. I only have to use a small amount as well. If you're incredibly pale and have neutral toned skin, this is perfect for you. The last thing I used without complaint of oxidisation was a $45 Lancôme foundation and I like this product so much more. It has nice, build able coverage and a dewy finish. I use a light layer of sebum powder on top and I don't get oily throughout the day. My skin is combination and has a tendency to look caked, dry, and oily all at the same time. But I had none of these issues with the Missha product. I'm definitely going to be taking a look at their other products as well.
Emma H.
A really nice bb cream. A little too pink toned for my skin but doesn't seem to oxidize darker on my face which is nice. Very good color for pale skin. I have trouble with foundations coming off my nose and puddling around my nostrils and this sticks all day. Makes my skin feel dewy but not oily. Lasts over 8 hours and still looks great.
Rhin T.
One of my favorite foundations was recently discontinued, so I was on the look out for something new. I wanted something long lasting that would work with my extremely pale skin (I previously used Makeup Forever HD in 110 Pink Porcelain, but that was still a tad too dark). I had heard great things about this BB cream and decided to give it a shot. I absolutely love it! The texture is similar to a liquid foundation and is very easy to blend. The finish is luminous/satiny and I find that it gives me a great glow. I would say the coverage is medium but lightweight and buildable. It's a perfect match for my skin tone too and it lasts quite well with my primer & setting spray.I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has trouble finding makeup for their really pale skin or just wants to give BB cream a try.
Kelsey K.
High performance bb cream. Better in my opinion than the red tube,because it has less harsh ingredients to suited for dry/sensitive/mature skin. Like the skin79 bb, it's so natural looking, no one can tell you are wearing a bb cream, yet it covers very well for freckles and fine lines and feels moisturized ! Like it so much! The only thing I regret is that I ordered # 13. It is really pale with a slight pink undertone, and it doesn't really oxidize to get darker match my skin. So I can only wear it in winter. Thinking about buying#21 mix the two together. Because I am Nw 15 in Mac, which is in between of #13 and #21 in Missha. Bummer! Overall, it exceeded my expectations. Super happy with this purchase !
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