Mask Powder Pack Collagen for Anti aging & Firming

SKU: 98MA-00113

Aging Skin Care: Containing marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, Prevents effectively the oxidation of the skin, and skin sagging, skin droop and aging skin, and helps to maintain skin elasticity Anti- Aging. Has a regeneration effect for damaged skin by aging effects
Rich Nutrition: The active ingredients in moisturizing and rich nutrition make tired, droopy skin cleaner, help cell regeneration, and maintain Skin elasticity, shine, and moisture.
Moisturizing nutrient: Through anti-oxidation, to remove active oxygen and strengthens skin to inhibit allergic reaction. Diatomite, Glucose, Betaine ,as active Ingredients, Intensively moisturize, calm the skin quickly, give skin flexibility and elasticity
Improvement of Skin Moisture by 250% : Prevent water evaporation on the surface of the skin, skin nutrition, skin soothing effects are improved. Soft GEL Type : All the disadvantages of modeling to complement developed so that anyone can manage without the burden of Soft Gel-type modeling product
Good for : Many fine wrinkles on the skin without elasticity

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