peach Sake Pore Silky Finish Powder / Pore£¦sebum / Korea Cosmetic

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peach Sake Pore Silky Finish Powder

Naomi G.
This is the best finish powder I have ever used! n____n It is a very fine white powder, which is really easy and pleasant to apply (I use a powder brush though, not the puff), smells lovely, doesn't make me sneeze and doesn't make me feel like my skin is not breathing. It leaves my skin matte and very soft. It doesn't give a ghost-like white face... I don't think it does at least O_o
bd J.
This powder is AWESOME! It is really lightweight and as a result doesn't make your make-up look caked-on but don't get me wrong, it finishes nicely. It leaves a very light scent of peach and makes my skin feel incredibly soft. If you don't know, now you know - Get on it.
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